Tips on how to take medicines in a safe, useful and correct way.

Everyone who takes medicines knows that there are several questions about how to take medicines and the ability to complete the treatment as required.

Check the name of the medicine you are taking.
Check the times for taking the medicine, whether it is necessary to take the medicine with food, and whether there is any objection to drinking alcohol with it.

Inquire about the function of the medication registered to you.
Ask the pharmacist about the scientific name of the drug because the same drug has different trade names
Read the medicine’s name and dose before you take it.
Be sure to take the medicine at a fixed time, for example, after brushing your teeth, when you get up in the morning, or as instructed by your doctor or pharmacist.
Do not change how you take or not take your medicine without first consulting your doctor and letting him know if any changes occur.
Be sure to take the dose recorded for you. Do not take an extra meal (for example, if you forget) less than what was recorded for you. Take the medication exactly as it was recorded for you. Taking a dose greater or less than the appropriate dose for you may lead to the effectiveness of the treatment or pose a threat to your health.
Inform your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking other medicines, nutritional supplements or natural medicines.
Ask about the side effects of your medicine.
Do not drive if you are dizzy and tired.
Be careful not to store medicines, you must throw medicines that you do not need in the place specified for this purpose in the pharmacy.
Be careful not to store medicines in the bathroom, and make sure to put medicines in an appropriate place according to the conditions on the medicine box. There are certain medicines that must be placed in the refrigerator. In all cases, you should keep medicines out of the reach of children.
Make sure to make sure the medicine is valid. Do not take a medicine after its expiry date. If the expiry date recorded on the medicine does not contain the last expiry day, this means that the medicine is valid until the last day of expiry.
Know your medicine, be sure to take your medicine in the light, not in the dark.
Forgot to take your medicine Ask your pharmacist for ways to make it easier for you to remember your medicine on time.
Remember to take medicines on a regular basis that helps the success and efficacy of medical treatment.
Buy medicines only from a licensed pharmacy, if you are unsure, inform the Ministry of Health.

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