Warning Signs of Fake Medicines

The medicine/preparation was not purchased from a licensed pharmacy but rather online, from a grocery, kiosk or was issued by an unauthorized person.

On the medicine or preparation package, suspicious signs appear, such as: writing in a foreign language such as: Chinese, Thai, Hindi and others.

On the package of the medicine or preparation appears writing with misspellings.
Necessary details such as: product name, validity, production lot number are not displayed on the package.
In the package of medicine and medical equipment, the consumer leaflet in both Hebrew and English is missing.
The drug is not registered in the complex of drugs approved by the Ministry of Health.

Where do fake and improper medical preparations come from?
Counterfeit, improper, stolen and smuggled medicines, nutritional supplements and medical equipment are often sold outside pharmacies, licensed institutes and dental clinics and generally in the following ways:
Internet – A significant portion of the products sold over the Internet are counterfeit and improper products, or both. Even if the product is original, the way it is sent to the country, in conditions that are not suitable in terms of the environment and temperature, may affect its quality and quality.
They are sold in “petsutsuts” and kiosks.
They are sold in shops such as barbershops, beauticians, beauty institutes (especially slimming products).
They are sold by private persons, by advertisements in newspapers, by bulletin boards, in fitness and health institutes.

Examples of common counterfeit drugs
Counterfeit ED preparations – Fake medicine is presented as being able to improve sexual performance. In practice, the drug is prohibited for sale. Sometimes the drug is falsely presented to the buyer as a “100% natural” food supplement, from a Chinese, Indian or Thai source, even though it contains medicinally active ingredients and is not natural at all.
Examples: “Kamagra”, “Ok Super”, “Manpower”, “Shark Essence”, “Tiger King”.

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